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Honda CR-Z hybrid sports car wins Auto Week Editor's Award at Tokyo Auto Show

Honda's new CR-Z was awarded Editors' Choice from the Tokyo Auto show by Auto Week magazine. Justifiably so, as Honda has done it again. To the delight of fans of its classic CR-X, a unique combination sports car and economy car, it has dazzled Tokyo Auto Show attendees with its production version of the soon to be introduced CR-Z. For the first time, hybrid drivers will have the opportunity to shift for themselves as, in true sports car fashion, the CR-Z will offer a six-speed manual transmission. If any car can be termed an instant classic before it's even released to the public, the CR-Z is a serious contender.

Honda's neo-classic sports car follows in the tradition of the much missed CR-X sports coupe but adds a 21st Century twist--it's a hybrid. Once again, Honda scoops the field with a visionary product other companies only project as something far off in the future.

The CR-X, which was produced in two different generations from 1983-91, has become a cult car favorite, with many original owners still driving their coupes with 200,000 to 300,000 miles on their clocks.

Full article here.
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