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Honda CR-Z Concept 2009 Makes World Debut at the Tokyo Motor Show

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Stylish hybrid coupe will arrive in North America in 2010 as 2-seat model

TOKYO, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Honda today debuted the much-anticipated CR-Z
Concept 2009, the second concept version of the stylish, sporty hybrid coupe,
at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show. While the vehicle displayed at the show is a
global concept with a rear seat, the production version that will be
introduced to North America in the second half of 2010 will be packaged as a
sporty, 2-seat hybrid that provides a personal driving experience for North
American customers.

"The Honda CR-Z will expand our lineup of hybrid vehicles and reinforce the
fun-to-drive values associated with the Honda brand," said Erik Berkman, vice
president of Automobile Corporate Planning and Logistics for American Honda
Motor Co., Inc. "Beyond great styling and features, CR-Z will bring new levels
of engagement and fun to customers interested a small car or a hybrid

CR-Z will join the Insight and Civic Hybrid in the Honda hybrid lineup, each
offering distinct benefits. Civic Hybrid, launched in 2003, was Honda's first
mainstream model to feature hybrid power. The 2010 Insight, introduced in
March 2009, ushered in a new era of affordability for a hybrid family sedan.
The CR-Z will break new ground as a sporty, hybrid coupe with unique value.

The production version of the Honda CR-Z will make its world debut at the
January 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Read the full article at Reuters
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I was hoping for a spring/summer release but glad to see it coming to the US. I am sorry to see that we have lost the +2 seats and that it will be a 2 seater. This will make it more expensive to insure here in the states and I am wondering if it is a way for Honda to try to justify a higher cost by making it more of a "sports" car. If they want to go that route Honda would need to give us a better engine option as well.
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