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Honda CR-Z Accessories (Europe)

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Found this from the recent facebook entry. Has some interesting items, including a soft-touch carbon effect dash replacement. No pricing on their page though, I'd be interested to see how much the armrest accessory is by itself.
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Don't know where you are from.
In Europe the CF Dash Cover is 376€

Armrest Console 365€
Have just called my dealer up, as I was interested in having the armrest fitted, in the UK it comes out at a whopping £415.
Looks like the UK is being ripped off again as Daisy has quoted the armrest in Europe at 365€ ( approx £310).
How does that work then ?

Following Daisy's link to the japanese website the price of 22050 japanese yen work out to approx £170, l know there are transport costs etc, but it seems Honda is trying to take advantage of the rest of the world!!
There is a jap on eBay selling the armrest but then again you have to pay taxes on it and wait 4 weeks.
The Armrest comes as part of the 'Comfort' pack in the UK, which also includes floor carpets, Cargo mat & stainless steel door step garnishes....all for the price of £525 (inc VAT)
Since we don't get rear seats in the U.S., but storage trays where the seats should be, I could see no need for the arm rest/console in the U.S. other than the looks.
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