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@ Mluisgr81

Totally agree. I've been lurking here for around 6 months and wanting to post about this.

I'm a former CRX owner (3 actually, one even had a turbo DOHC swap I did myself w/ 250hp and 250ft-lb tq) and I plan on buying myself a CR-Z once it appears on the lot next month. Can't wait...

Yeah, we know it doesn't possess the 0-60 of an S2k or the mpg of a full hybrid like the Prius.
But give me something sporty/fun to drive as a commuter car, and gets very good mpg (runs clean) but doesn't look like a turd, and I'm sold. Guess what, the CR-Z fits those goals perfect for me.
Can't wait to test drive it, then hopefully buy it in red or white.
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