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Hello all, Ben here in Louisville, KY. I have been poking around on the forums for a few days and figured it was time to post and say hello.

I am a mopar guy, have been my whole life, but unfortunately, Chrysler is WAY behind on the whole hybrid car / eCar thing and I am a courier so.... need better mpgs and need them now. On the flipside i also need something fun to drive since i will be in the car for 12-17 hours per day, 6 days a week. I needed something that I could drive, not just sit in all night, if that makes sense. So anyways, i drove all the usual hybrid suspects, they all drove like a foam ball rolling downhill, except for this little ray of joy. This thing is a blast, and I love being able to keep the power tucked away (so that I don't tempt myself at every light or at every curve) but at the push of a button... Speaking of, i have heard a lot of people say that these cars missed falling into both of their brackets, sport/hybrid, but i feel like its pretty darn sporty. I don't know if its maybe because driving 100 miles in econ and then hitting sport makes it FEEL so much more sporty. My SRT-4 ran low 12's WOT, but at partial throttle, i feel like this little car is pretty comparable. Granted i haven't driven that srt in 5 years but still. *shrug* I think the reviews are a little harsh. I had considered waitng for the eFocus, until i read it only had a 100 mile range. Pass. I do about 200 miles a night average.

So, with all that being said, i always told people that if you want a car that will last forever, you buy a honda. And here i am. First non mopar i have ever bought.

Last night was its first full night at work, I ran econ mode the entire time except for 2 on ramps in sport. (well... same on ramp, went over it twice) My gauge read 39.4 but the actually came out to be 40.001 based off of Odometer of 226.4 and fill of 5.649 gallons. Tonight I am going to run sport mode the entire evening and see how that comes out. I'm betting it will still be better than the last car.

As far as mods go, you can expect to see me investing in that noblesse rear diffuser and center exhaust, and maybe some sort of height and dampening adjustable coilovers and sway and strut bars but that might be the end of it. I doubt i will mess with motor at all. However, i would be very interested in a more powerful electric motor swap and a larger/longerlife battery. And then a way to tune it to make it do more of the work.

Okay... soo.... long freakin intro post, thanks for the time, looking forward to being a part of this community!!
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