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Hi guys, my name is Antonio, I live in Italy right now but I was actually born in Westchester (NY). I was seven years old when I moved with my family to Modena, the town where Ferrari's, Maserati's, Pagani's and Ducati's are made! I go back to my native town whenever my credit card says I can...
I've always been interested in cars and since I got my driving license I've been driving a Honda Civic TypeS (the European version with the greatest diesel engine ever seen), I'm now part of the staff of the biggest Italian general forum about Hondas, looking for news about the new Cr-z (that in Europe is sold as a 4-seats coupé) I found out this amazing forum. Hope you accept me even if I'm not driving (yet) a Cr-Z and compliments to everybody for how you guys are keeping up this forum!
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