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Yesterday morning we had a little mishap & my husband's coffee (with extra cream) spilled all over the floor on the passenger side. It left a stain on the mat & seeped UNDER the mat & stained the carpet.

I was going to attack it with:
(1) a pressure steamer (to loosen it), followed by
(2) Resolve carpet cleaner (to clean it), then
(3) maybe steam it again to kind of rinse it & dilute the detergent, and lastly
(4) vacuum it with a shop-vac (to suck up everything & get rid of any moisture from cleaning).

My first question is, do you think that will work, and/or do you have any other suggestions for how to get the stains out?

And my second question is, how long do you think I can wait to do this?

I live in New England, and it's been FREEZING lately (don't really want to attempt this when it's below freezing), and I live in the city & don't have a garage, so I'll have to wait until I can get to my in-laws probably (where I'll have an outlet for the steamer & shop-vac). This Sunday might be the EARLIEST I could get around to it...and depending on the weather and whether or not I have to work, it might be another week (or more). Since the coffee had cream in it, should I be concerned with potential sour-milk smell? Any advice or recommendations are welcome!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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