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Hello from France! White CR-Z "Blue Inside" : tuned.

I am the proud owner of a white CR-Z codename "Blue Inside" (see pictures)
34, living in Nice, France.
Upgrading from a Jazz (Fit) GD6 1.2L 78hp.

I purchased a French CR-Z with urban kit (bumpers)
Without glass ceiling
With front blade
With rear upper spoiler

And a great leather interior made by a local specialist.

My projects are to gradually make some changes, engine mapping to adapt to a new (maybe HKS) airfilter, new weels (maybe OZ allergeria), and removing cleanly the rear seats.

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Hello again, now i have some mods, stated with OZ lighweght wheels, Continental Sport Contact 3 performance tires (perfect on wet and dry)
continued with Spoon Throttle Body
continued with HKS RSR Racing Suction Reloaded kit.
continued with Spoon N-1 Exhaust.

TESTED ON TRACK !! (i am a noob circuit driver, this was my first track day)

after a wet morning, the dry afternoon enabled a lot of fun.

The very modest hp FWD hybrid was of course ridiculous on the straight line, the the track had only one short strait.

Most the other cars were 6 cylinders, most turbo, or at least K20 2L L4.

in the S, the curves and bends, i was able to follow a Boxter GT, same pace, the CR-Z is extracting from curve faster than the Porshe Boxter.
all that with stock transmission, no LSD, stock suspension, and less than 140hp.

The pro pilots sitting with me said that chassis is absolutely great, but 3rd gear is awfully too long to compete, but overall they said the car is great.

i have a summary of my day here and a picture

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I have an updated gallery with all the mods so far.
it starts from the sight of a nice NSX (NS-sex) wich is inspiration and the the CRZ as purchased, and then the mods.

including my new home made plastic CAI

and my two days on the track.

MobileMe Gallery

the new CAI is working great in 2nd gear where the heat problem was the most obvious, since at higher speed the front scoop was playing its role great.
when speed is slower, the cooler airflow is helping a lot, i feel 2nd gerar much stronger.
overall it feels like 4 or 5 hp more, and the gear changes have much more punch.
sound incredible.

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Hello again,

I just did my one year visit at Honda, the CR-Z has 18500 km.

I changed myself the HKS RSR red wet racing filter. (the old one was becoming darker and darker)

the old oil was HAFA 5w35 mineral, and there was stock honda oil filter.

I went with the oil (Motul racing 300V 0W20) and oil filter (Mugen Power yellow)
I explained them to be careful with my Spoon magnetic drain bolt.

When i got back my car, it seemed already to be faster revving (but only extremely lightly noticeable).

At home I added one bottle of RS-R RAN*UP and went for the 30 minutes recommended normal driving...


difficult to explain all that happened :

- engine brake is much reduced (yes even more than what you think)
- lack of power around 3000rpm is gone.
- razor sharp rev matching
- noise now is closer to an L6, but smoother.
- everything seem more sharp and smooth as butter at the same time.

I was absolutely not expecting so much difference.

in 6th gerar, cruise control on, econ mode, when i press the + button, speed is increasing much faster.

any gear if i let the car go with no throttle the speed is decreasing much slower.

to check if all that was no placebo effect, i did a simple test.

with an exterior temp of 24°C i did my cold start in the morning and measured time the blue "cold engine" light went off.

Before : 1'10"
After : 1'55"

what about THAT !! :headbang: :thumbsup:

so in conclusion I recommend :
Motul racing 300V 0W20
oil filter Mugen Power yellow
RS-R RAN*UP additive
to everyone loving his CR-Z.
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