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I'm new to the site, obviously, posting in this section. I'm an avid autocrosser, track day enthusiast and all around gear head. Know that if I do purchase a CR-Z as intended at this time, I'll be posting up all sorts of fun racing videos, mechanical how to's and the like. I love that sort of stuff.

I've owned several Honda's over the year, sort of a certified Honda Fanboi, I guess. Though the last few years, I have been racing Nissan's primarily, 300zx's to be specific. I have a 1992 Slicktop that's prepped for track and autocross events and a 1994 Twin Turbo as my weekend car that cranks out a little over 400whp.

Currently, my daily driver is a 2002 Honda Civic Si. It's been my daily commuter car since purchase and just rolled over 160k miles on the odometer. I've been waiting for the CR-Z to come out for a while now as it is on a very short list of cars that might potentially replace my EP. Here's a few pictures of the vehicles.


Daily Driver (2002 Honda Civic Si)

Skinny (1992 300zx Slicktop)

Garage Queen (1994 300zx Twin Turbo)

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