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Hellionz 1 of a Kind

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Never really wanted to do one of these build threads, but figured since I'm all in now, might as well. Reason why is when I got the car I just thought simple mods, its only a car no need to spend all that money on a small hybrid. Heck I was the guy that used to make fun or talk shyt about the people that did go "ham" with their cars. Now look at me, since really getting into my car Jan 2013, now I'm also a Vendor for car parts. Crazy how life throws stuff at ya, but it must have all happened for a reason ya?

At different points I'll explain more as my car evolved to be that 1 of a kind CRZ. Many of the pics are from Instagram towards the end. I just hated using the AG app to post in the forum. So lets start the journey (may not be in all order).....:beer:

This will be Pic INTENSIVE.

Joined the Forum. :beer:

Day I bought the car at Spreen Honda.

The same month I purchased the car I posted about a dead battery. Since then I've had Honda replace the battery 2 more times. On average a new battery every year. Decided to upgrade to a 51R battery. Another dead battery the reason why.

Did the GT "blue" mod.

Getting the tint done.

I think I might have also been the first that I know of on the Forum to Plastidip my stock wheels.

Vent Visors from CarID

Up this point this was as much as the mods I had done at the time. Oops I also upgraded all the speakers to Polk and sub to JL. Towards the end of 2012 happily ready to leave China Lake (Ridgecrest), California and head back to San Diego but was told nah, you're going to Hawaii. Upset yes I was and kinda still am. Thats when I was enlightened though and the serious mod bug hit me. Dude your going to Hawaii, beaches, nice cruises (short though) why not turn your car into an island car in my mind. So it first started with.......

Jan 2013....

Jackson Supercharger getting installed.. anyone know who that guy is? :thumbsup:

Sunroof Installed. More Pics romiata still waiting for your install!

Model: Webasto 321L Premium model
Price: Right under 1K
Time: Under 3 hours
Place: Coach Auto Restyler Inc (talk to Robert) in Orange County.

Installed the T1R side mirrors today. If you don't have these, your really missing out.
Installed iJDMTOY ultra bright white LEDS.

Doors with some padding

Dampers Installed

Getting Shipped to Hawaii at Port in Long Beach, CA Also, new wheels maybe a week before shipping out.

One of the first pics I took of my car in Hawaii.

Finally installed Eibach ProStreet Coilovers which I had around Oct 2012 installed Nov 2013. (which are now sitting somewhere in my storage unit).

Best pic I could find, never thought to do before and after.

R1Concepts Brakes and Rotors that I had sitting in the closet since Feb 2013 didn't install until Nov. 2013

Rexxstyling Mugen RR Kit installed Mar 2013 along with Seibon CF OEM hood.

First HPD Exhaust purchased and def not the first to install. Got it day went on sale didn't install till Feb I believe.

Had to cut away some of the mudflap to get HPD diffuser to fit.

ISSForged RW-10 Wheels installed.

Then I went to the extreme with something totally unplanned and now I'm PAYING the price for it having to switch up my whole entire build. So because of that decided to name my car. Joanna is her name.

Then this happened from being the first person in the USA to purchase a kit from them and who could vouch for them. This was totally unexpected but I decided to run with it.

Just a little about this venture with Rexxstyling. Since accepting and joining their team it was/is one hell of a ride in terms of shipping. Turns out that the US does not import a lot of things from Malaysia therefor shipping prices are ridiculous to ship to the US. Reason being why Rexxstyling never made it a real priority to ship to the US. They get inquires weekly for kits/parts they have, but when people hear what shipping is to them they back down. Except one guy.. yea me Kit was cheaper than shipping, but I can also say I have the only Rep. Mugen RR kit in US/Canada. Yes I could have gotten Cwest, J's or others, but why not be the only one with a kit even if its a Rep?
Rexxstyling also has have the capability to make their own kits in house at their facilities in Malaysia and are more than willing to design/collaborate to make a kit as long as they can sell a few of the kits for whatever makes.

Ok. back to build

As of a few months ago I finally after 2 years got these bad boys. These just so happened be the first set of wheels that I saw and wanted but opportunity was never there at the right time, then came the TE's which I haven't come up on yet Shaz :)rotfl:).

8-31-15 Finally starting to Clean up the bay.

Build Thread continues if you click this!​

Pics & Vids
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Great build!!! One of the best CR-Z's in the forum!
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