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Headunit Replacement Thread

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Finally saved up enough to buy a headunit and all the required adapters.
This is going to be a build-thread of sorts.

Went with an Alpine ILX-W650:
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Metra 40-HD11
Metra 70-1730
Metra 95-7879
iDatalink Maestro SW

I spent some time at the bench today doing all the wiring so i can hopefully just plug it straight in.
This is the result; front:
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SW adapter:
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I got some free (slightly used) Hertz speakers which i might slap in to replace the fronts if i feel like it.
I am not hugely sold on them... the build quality seems kinda sub-par (compared to similar Pioneer / Infinity / etc.).
Appears (from the FSM) the amplifier is actually what splits the front door speakers from the tweeters. Not sure if it does any filtering.
There are also capacitors built in to the OE tweeters, so i might just keep those when i swap out the tweeters.
I already took apart a spare OE tweeter, and the Hertz tweeters i got will fit perfectly in without much modification.
I might need to widen the tweeter bracket by a tiny amount.
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For the moment, the whole setup is sitting in the corner of my bedroom waiting to be installed.
It will have to be next weekend though, as i've got to prepare for uni classes & work tomorrow morning.
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The only concerns i've got are the mic, steering wheel controls, and handbrake wiring.
  • The in-roof mic appears to have a pinout on the HandsFreeLink connector, +/- pair with a shield. I think i can just wire those straight up to the 3.5mm pigtail i've got (just disassembled the included microphone from the Alpine for it). Hopefully it's not something that requires power to operate. I was hoping to just unplug the HFL controller and get my steering wheel phone answer/hangup controls from that connector.
  • The steering wheel controls are pretty self explanatory. I've already flashed the adapter and have a pinout i need to supply it. I've got a spare Metra adapter lying around, so i might take some of the already-pinned wires and put them into the adapter which is already spliced in. That would make it pretty easy.
  • The handbrake wiring, i think is also pretty easy, just need to remove the console. I am wondering the best solution to tap into the handbrake wire... Not really a fan of the tap-wiring-connectors (you know, the "blue ones"). I am currently thinking of just making a new spade connector with both factory and aftermarket wire crimped in. If it's the same as my 94 Accord, it's a yellow wire with a little plastic spade connector button on the handbrake.

Will update here with how it goes on Saturday.
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After having too many issues with the Alpine headunit (bought during chip shortage, likely would fail QC pre-covid) I removed it and installed the OEM stereo back in.
If I do replace it again, it'll be a T'eyes CC3 or similar FYT headunit.
I can't believe all that work didn't pay off as it should have. I love the "as plug and play as possible" approach. I'm planning to follow your steps with a Pioneer AVIC-Z930.
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