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ECS Motorsports is now stocking the full line of Hawk Performance Brakes for your 2011+ Honda CR-Z!

Hawk Performance HPS

Hawk Performance HPS compound provides advanced braking characteristics to enhance your driving experience. This unique compound combines the safety and quality of Aerospace design partnered with the braking technology of motorsports.

Features -Extremely low dust
-High friction/torque hot or cold
-Gentle on rotors
-Virtually noise-free
-Much improved braking over OEM
-Long extended pad life

Hawk Performance HP-Plus

Hawk Performance HP PLUS compound can take the heat at the Track and get you home safely without having to change your brake pads in and out. This compound was designed for the serious street and autocross enthusiast. Warning! Due to the dramatic friction levels produced by this product to achieve "race-level" braking; rotor wear, noise, dust, and pad wear may be increased.

-Extremely high friction output
-Race worthy for autocross
-Race worthy for club racing events
-Elevated temperature resistance

Hawk Performance Ceramic

Ultimate stopping power in an ultra-low dust, low noise ceramic compound!

Hawk Performance has introduced a premium, high performance, ultra-low dust, low noise compound called Performance Ceramic.

Performance Ceramic is engineered to reduce brake NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness), creating a quieter performing brake pad. Furthermore, the ceramic brake pad formula has a linear friction profile that allows your ABS brake system to work more effectively. With Performance Ceramic you can expect reduced brake pad wear, lower dust output levels and a rotor-friendly brake pad.

Performance Ceramic - quiet, clean & fast stopping!

Key Features:

* Increased stopping power
* Increased rotor life
* Extended pad life
* Ultra-low dust
* Extremely quiet
* Stable friction output

Goodridge SS Brake Lines Set

Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines have become the standard in professional motor sports where the ultimate in braking is required. There is no room for volumetric expansion, or “mushy brakes” caused by rubber lines.
Goodridge Brake lines use a highly efficient braking system allows you to get deeper into the corner and onto the accelerator faster. Additionally, when G-Stop/ Brakeline Kits brake hoses are used with an ABS braking system they virtually eliminate brake pedal “ chatter” and significantly reduce stopping distance. Our Brakelines are available to fit every make or model of vehicle.

All brake pads are in stock at all times! We even have 2 other suppliers who stock these pads, to assure you get them fast!
**Low Price Guarantee. If you happen to find these pads for a better deal, let us know - we'll BEAT it!
**Fast, FREE Shipping!

Please click HERE to check these out on our website and order today!

Thank you all for checking these out, we hope to see some reviews and write ups soon!

ECS Motorsports
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