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I wish you well. I have owned cars with clear coat damage and do everything I can to prevent owning another one. I can find plenty of opposing clips on the Internet. As I said, it is your car, and you can do what ever you want. Failed clear coat and paint was a horrible experience on 2 vehicles I owned.

Also note it says it will remove the wax, that is part of what is protecting your clear coat and ultimately the paint. Do you really want to do that? Detailers will use dish soap to intentionally remove the wax when they are going to re-coat (wax) the car and repair damage. It is not something that should be regularly done.

The following are those opposing views:

And many others. You can find anything to support any point of view on the Internet, it comes down to choices. Dish soap is not a choice I would make for routine washing. I would only use it to remove the previous coatings if I was going to change the type of coating and if I was going to evaluate the condition of the clear coat.
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