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I've been owning it for 4 months and basically the problems started when we had a rainy week a month ago. It has a white color. No matter what I do, it just won't be clean. I usually go to these manual car washers (not sure how you call them in english) with all these high pressure things, shampoos and brushes, but it never gets 100% clean. The lower part of the front and rear bumpers, the mirrors and the skirts always stay dirty, no matter what I do.

I don't think the dirt dried and sticked to it because when I slide my finger across it, it comes off in that line and I also wash it regularly. Today I went to 2 car washers in a row and I was taking extra care of those parts. Well, I had no luck... Also tried at home.

Never had any issues with washing cars before so I'm not sure what am I doing wrong. Any tips?
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