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Wierd, I must be the only one who uses the 2 wheelbarrows of water method. More water at hand and at a more convenient height to save your back.

Use a clean Basting brush made of boar hair to apply the soap (please not dishsoap. Do use a good car shampoo, it will save the wax and is more ph balanced to leave less spots) Brush with the direction of airflow at all times.

Leafblower to dry it off.


But seriously its a small enough car to wash by hand, have a spare mit/sponge you use only as the first pass around the wheel arches and lower quarter, reapply soap and then wash as normal. The touchless auto carwashes are good for removing road grit between true home washes but thats it. A good soap, no direct sunlight and not being in a hurry will provide the best results shy of a good polish and wax. If you dont have the time or tools a professional detail and wax can do wonders to rejuvinate the shine and make your handwashes look so much more productive.
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Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting
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