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Hello to all.
I bought my CRZ January 2. North Shore Blue CVT, EX with Nav. by my Vin I have car #9102 .I picked it up with 5 miles on it and currently I have around 1000. I have been following this Form since January 3rd. You have all been a wealth of knowledge. This is my first Honda. I went shopping for a used Civic with 80K miles, for my daughter. That's when I first saw the CRZ,it reminded me of a 1973 240Z I had years ago.(yep I'm an over 55 owner)So I gave my daughter my Scion XB, work car. And went on a mission to find me a Blue CRZ

I love this car ! I'm getting 37 to 42mpg. Sometimes I try for good mileage. Mostly I just drive without thinking its a Hybrid. It has more than enough pep,and it cracks me up that it shuts down when I stop. My battery never goes below 4 bars and with in a short time it charges back up. I am having so much fun.

Let me stop gushing and say thanks to you all, I really enjoy this Form.
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