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We would just like to introduce ourselves to the new and growing CR-Z community. We've been around Honda's since our inception in 2006 and also carry high end JDM products for many other applications but we're Honda heads at heart. We are the the overseas distributor for ASM, which produces the highest quality parts for the S2000 and quite frankly, higher quality than nearly any other aftermarket parts manufacturer so we're no stranger to quality products. While ASM is no making CR-Z products at the moment, some of the other brands we distribute for are, such as J's Racing, Spoon, Cusco, and many more to come. The CR-Z is an exciting new market concept from Honda and many of the Japanese brands we represent are introducing lots of exciting new products which we'll be offering to this community.

We'll be adding products to our website as quick as possible and introducing them here on the forum. Check out our website for our growing lineup of CR-Z products!

Feel free to email, call, or PM us with any questions you may have.

Best Regards,
Go Tuning Unlimited, LLC
941 N Elm St Suite D
Orange, CA 92867
P: 714.997.1114
F: 714.997.1115
[email protected]

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Track cr-z


email me at [email protected] if so ;)

PS ill vouch for the J's Racing comment. ive seen F1 cf monocoques and aero/structural pieces from modern era teams, and ive personally installed, tested, and felt the J's Racing products. only the best. worth every penny. as with almost every thing.. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY. except for damn big macs they are like 3 bucks and they are like the size of a whopper JR... BOOOOO MickyD's!! shame on you.
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