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Just bought a 2011 Honda CR-Z ZF1 in chilli red, cvt sadly as I couldn’t find a manual one as clean for a good price. Pretty low mileage as well, around 115000 kms or 71000 miles. Only seen a few around New Zealand, so I’m just wondering how if there are many people from NZ on here and if there’s much of a community in Auckland for these. Only had a it a few weeks but already wanna find ways to make it cooler, so wondering what everyone else did for their first mods to theirs. I live on a gravel road with quite a few potholes as well, so can’t lower it any further without bottoming out every 5 minutes.
Have uploaded photos below, it came the streak on the door and the rims from the dealership.
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Welcome to the forum, but I'm on the other side of the Planet, so don't know how many CR-Z's there are down in NZ to run around with.
One thing you might want to put on your goodies list is a set of mud guards (if it's not too late) for a bit of protection from the gravel chips:
Splash Guards - 2013 Honda CR-Z 3 Door EX (NAVIGATION) KA 6MT (

I've had the CVT and still have the 6-Speed; loved them both, so don't fret about only finding the CVT, as it's a load of fun too. :)
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