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Just seeing if anyone would be interested in purchasing a used Top Secret turbo kit?
I recently had transmission failure, and have been considering removing the turbo kit from the car and passing the fun onto a fellow enthusiast.
I have the kit for several years, but only drive car during the summer. The kit was originally brought over from Japan by Smokey himself for an import car show in Texas. I recall it came from a crz show car search Dante build. I purchased the kit from Byron many years ago.

The turbo kit has been completely awesome, my CRZ is a local legend, on street light to light battles. The IMA assist gets the car rolling, and just as the IMA tappers off the TD04 turbo is right spooled up. It seriously is a combination which has to be experienced. Evos and Sti are repeatedly beatable when the IMA is at a full charge.
In fact the 3rd to 4th gear pulls with full IMA and full boost are a piece of heaven.
The boost is set very mild, but could be bumped up. The TD04 will create more boost than a the stock rods will hold.

I have been through many new front tires, showing off, and as of lately the transmission has failed.

Either im looking to sell the kit, or looking for a 6MT transmission, and black interior bits.

Also for sale is a new Koyo Radiator

Asking $4000 USD obo many other bits included.
Edited - added pics, and i recently created a new user account, haven't been on here in a while.

Turbo is still currently installed in car, I will create a video of it running.

Note: Several pictures are from the web, but the ones with my dog (snix) are of the actual kit.


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Not removing until someone is serious about it. Might keep it as is anyways.
I would've bought it cash @4k and picked up a month ago if you had actually answered. These are rare now and not manufactured anymore. Custom fabs are way more than a 4k set up that's practically bolt on. This is well worth it as long as the turbo is in running order. Still no vid of that though right?

The real meat of it here is that you "might keep it as is anyway."

If you wanna sell, then sell. If you wanna feel around, then say that. Stop being coy and dropping prices if you're wasting people's time.

I'm taking my $$ to the dude selling his suspension. I wish you the best of luck bud. And to anyone who wants to buy this, I hope you get better communication.

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