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FS: CR-Z Factory Service Manual

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Bought from Helms publishing a few weeks ago. Still in brand new condition. These are the factory service manuals from Honda.

Asking $110 shipped. Manuals are $150 plus shipping from Helms.

2011 CR-Z Service Manual (KA) - Helm Incorporated
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great deal but why are you selling?
I placed an order for a CR-Z, bought the manuals, but had to cancel the car due to work issues, so now I won't be needing the service manuals.
somebody needs to buy this, i already have the Helms manual and it's worth it's weight in Gold!
Got mine from flea bay last week.

Lot of very interesting information I was not expecting in there.

Been my experience these books pay themselves off with one dealer visit if you are handy with tools. At the very least, it will allow you to have an "intelligent" conversation with the service department and allow you to evaluate if they are ripping you off.

I only let the service department know I have these manuals after they try to pull a fast one on me ...
hello do you still sell your CR-Z Factory Service Manual ?

=> I'm interested!
Yes, I do.

You have a PM.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts