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Has anyone been hit on the front bumper
/ grill ?
I was parked in a parking lot inside the store only to come out and find my car had been backed into. My front grill has a hole a little bigger than the size of a ball that is on a truck hitch. It hit it pretty good so the hole goes in but not all the way to the radiator. I got in my car and it started I pulled the seatbelt to put it on and it came out only about half way and locked up and would not retract back or come out any further. I drove the car to my son's house and then home maybe about 45 miles or so I made the claim with my insurance Co they had me go out and go over all the damages while on the phone when I tried to start it the ignition was locked up and would not turn over. So they had it towed to a local repaired shop a select shop that I believe is contracted with them to do estimates the girl working my claim has called me asking me to go over everything with her again and again. Now saying she's just trying to understand because the airbag, seatbelt and ignition has absolutely nothing to do with one another and she doesn't think it's due to the crash. So I said we'll nothing was wrong with my car before it was hit no airbag light was on no problems starting my car and my seatbelts were perfectly normal. She is trying to say that maybe these things just happened to all go out at the same time and at the same time as the crash but are not due to the crash. I pay full coverage insurance and expect them to cover the repairs but it seems I've gotta prove how they are caused by my car getting hit. Does anyone know anything about this ? If so I need help. I know nothing about it but do know the damages came from my car being hit.
Thanks for any help
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