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since i'm sort of a no0b when it comes to Hybrids in the sense that i've never owned a Hybrid before... i'm used to the language on the sportier side of the Honda vehicles... but the Hybrid side had me guessing to figure out what some abbreviations meant...

i made this thread in hopes that we can have a bunch of abbreviations in this thread with their meaning... i'll start off with a few I know then please add any that you know and i'll update this post with them... and if you don't know what something means, post it here and maybe someone can help you out...

Some automotive-forum specific abbreviation examples are:
  • HI-I = Honda Insight 1st-gen
  • HI-II = Honda Insight 2nd-gen
  • HCH = Honda Civic Hybrid 1st-gen
  • HCH-II = Honda Civic Hybrid 2nd-gen
  • P&G = Pulse & Glide
  • CC = Cruise Control
  • R&D = Research & Development

sn: please sticky and relocate to proper forum if this seems out of place here...
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