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First Modifications

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What will be your first mods for your Honda CRZ??

I would love to put a nice exhaust/muffler system on it but it really depends on the gains and the sound of the stock CRZ.
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The day after I get it I'm taking it to the tint shop and then ordering rims.
Depends on the aftermarket scene once the car comes out but I would really like to add on bodykit package. Maybe an extra lip on the front/back and some sideskirts. Not to mention put on some lowering springs.
Tint would be the very first - but I don't count that as a mod. First mod would be looking into a cold air filter intake system and possibly a new exhaust system.
Bodykit for sure, probably cf hood, bigger muffler to get a nice throaty sound and some 19 inch rims.
The CRZ could be super cool, this could be the Lotus Elise of hybrids

I'd add as much carbon fiber as I could find, some lighter wheels, cold air intake, upgraded suspension,

I'd really like to see a factory solar panel for the AC, battery, & for venting interior

and a Mugen kit
and a Mugen kit
Definitely would be an excellent upgrade. I think the whole Honda CRZ community is crossing their fingers that Mugen will indeed build a Mugen CRZ. :)

Welcome to the site HUBBSTER
Thanks Mike

On my Prius which my Baby Momma drives I had to mod it a little

I added Tokico struts, upgraded brake pads, & tires

I would have added some lighter wheels and some rear wheel spats but she would have lost her mind then


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How much do a pair of spats go for? I'm only gonna assume that they will be offered on the CRZ by an aftermarket company.
Its been a while since I saw them. They came as part of a bodykit from Moonracing I think. Around $1500 for the kit

Spats alone should be a lot cheaper, a few $100
Tints. Probably it. HID conversion down the road once available.
Won't the CRZ have a HID kit come standard? Thought it was pretty common these days for all new cars to have them.
Won't the CRZ have a HID kit come standard? Thought it was pretty common these days for all new cars to have them.
No Honda sold at present here in the states has HID's.

The Accord coupe and Insight have projectors but I doubt you can just pop some bulbs in. CRZ could some like the Insight with blue tinted projectors. Pictures hint at the potential.
Can't stand people who have the really really white HID lights....they always blind me! Not sure what HID temperature range they are in though. I'm sure some are a lot better from others.

I wish they were a factory option though, I hate wiring up new stuff in cars.
Red Emblems ! duh it adds 20hp! I'm just joking....hmm Actually I wouldn't mind that Mugen Kit from the leaked Brochure. or a Wing as my first modification, I'm talking about a Hatch spoiler, I'm unsure about this Mugen one
Mugen CR-Z Picture Shinku is talking about from above:

I agree with you Shinku. The Mugen spoiler seems very aggressive for a hatchback. A nice little lip would look great on it, IMO.
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I really like the Mugen front bumper and those Fog lights tho, I really hope this is the Hot hatch everyone was looking for from Honda. Can you imagine a Mugen RR version of the CRZ ?!
HID's Standard on S2000

All Honda S2000's (2000-2009) have HID headlights as standard equipment. My guess is that the CR-Z will have them too.
Ya I think HIDs will come standard which is a great option.

I want some performance details on the Mugen now, whats everyone guess for the performance output?
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