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Hi guys,
I have an obsession with the CR-Z. I think it's one of the best looking cars I've ever seen, and the interior is just incredible. I scour the internet waaaay too often, looking for any sliver of information. I read that the U.S. embargo would be lifted next Friday - but there are some great things trickling through right now.

This is a great technical writeup:
Deep Dive: Getting intimate with the 2010 Honda CR-Z's powertrain — Autoblog

NY Times:
Honda CR-Z Arrives in August - Wheels Blog -

Great C&D writeup:


Autoblog First Drive:
First Drive: 2011 Honda CR-Z — Autoblog

reghardware review:
Honda CR-Z sporty hybrid e-car ? reghardware

Today should be an exciting day for more information!
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