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Drivers door won’t open

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Well the drivers side door outside door handle has been giving me trouble on & off for a while. I took the inside panel off, put some spacers on the actuator rod. Closed the door & now neither the inside or outside handles open the door. You can see lever move for both handles, moves by hand, tested the door locks & all is working. At a loss ???? What am I missing ??
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I still suspect this problem is caused by the nut mod/door fix now preventing the plunger from going back up far enough to "reset" the lock mechanism.

Nut too big.
This was it! Credit given in my original post as well. For future reference make sure the measurements of the nut are exactly what you see in the original video. I did not have the right size on hand and by using a slightly bigger one I caused the door shut issue. Reversing the fix by removing the nut from the rod fixed it. I will do the mod again with the rightly sized nut.
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