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Decided to use my CRZ for the drive from Ridgecrest to San Diego, about 225 miles one way. Most of the time I drove in ECO mode. Only when I was in San Diego did I drive a mix mode of ECO and Normal.
First, I topped off (first new tank of gas since purchasing). Gonna explain in pics:

Arrival in San Diego 63-67 MPH Cruise Control

Departure from San Diego

Fill up 80 miles away from Destination. 1st Pic shows estimated mileage left, 2nd MPG 58-63MPH Cruise Control

This is how it looked when I got home. After filling up I was still in ECO mode, but Cruise Control at 67-71 MPH

I think the numbers look good so far. Few more fill ups to see what i'm really working with ya?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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