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Dripkit's CR-Z EX
2011 Storm Silver Metallic, CVT

Exterior Mods:
3M Color Stable Tint - Rear 20% Side 35%
JDM Door Visors
JDM Diffuser Reflectors
LED License Plate Lights (Xenon White)
Rho-Plate License Plate Relocator
3000k HID Fog lights
Carbon Fiber Vinyl Emblem Inserts
Rear CRZ and Hybrid badges removed
Blue Convex Rear view mirrors
iJDMToy LED Projector Reverse Lights, Parking, Turn Signal and Brake Lights
iJDMToy LED Switchback Front Turn Signals
Lumen LED Daytime Running Lights
JDP front lip and grille cover
Rear wiper delete

Interior Mods
iJDMtoy LED Interior Panel Lights (Xenon White)
Broadway Convex Rear view mirror
JDM Emergency Light
Clazzio Seat Covers (Black/Black Suede/Blue Stitching)
OEM armrest
OEM black center console replacement

Under the Hood:
P2R Cat Delete Downpipe
HKS Silent Hi-Power CatBack Exhaust (Traded)
K&N Typhoon Intake (Removed)
Spoon N1 Axleback (Removed)
Spoon Throttle Body (Sold)
NRG Hood Dampers
Basis Radiator Stays
Denso IK22 Spark Plugs
Jackson Racing CVT Supercharger
Cusco Front Strut Bar
Fit GE8 exhaust manifold
Remus Center Exit Exhaust (Sold)
Noblesse rear exhaust and diffuser

Tein High Tech Lowering Springs (Removed)
Progress Rear Sway Bar
Tein Monoflex Coilovers
Wedssport TC105N 17x8 +42 FF
Muteki SR48 Blue Lug Nuts with Locks

Updated 2/16/2015

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One thing I can say though is the exhaust sound in the cabin is waayyyy louder esp above 3000rpm
Yep, confirmed... Agree.

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The exhaust and springs

Installed Downpipe

Drop on the front - a lot more aggressive than I thought it would be

Drop on the back - no spacers, and I don't think i'll be adding them.

The evasive waiting room. Fun stuff all around. Great guys, super nice super helpful.

A closer look at the back OEM wheels (without spacers)

My front bumper after a 7-8 hour drive up the 5 to SF from the LA area CR-Z = mass insect murder

When I get a chance, I'll try to get some video sounds of the exhaust and such. As I mentioned earlier, cabin volume is way louder. The silent hi-power has an awesome, bassy deep tone that isn't as "breathy" as the oem exhaust.

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No shop in PA will touch my car with a 10 foot pole. The only one I know of that tunes Hondas is horrible so I don't trust them to make an exhaust for me. I wanted the BLF but it's not compatible with other Axelbacks. I'll probably get the T1R midpipe and the KSK axelback section with the hidden tip

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^ Great feedback. Thanks for contributing to the forum... Good Stuff.

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Hooray, oldest non-updated build thread! Until now anyway...

Looks like it's been almost 2 years since I've updated, been way too long to try and go back and remember everything, so I'll just copy/paste my garage into the first post, and just leave this here as my newest update:

Jackson Racing CVT Supercharger kit installed this week!

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