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just wonderin if any one knows a good downpipe to add with the black lab cat back exhaust. just tryin to get the most out of the exuast an intake so i can check it off the list an move on from there.
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T1r. Matches that exhaust size of the black label and is what I'm currently running.
kool how loud does it make the exhaust sound. who would be the best vender to get it from for cheap?
T1r is sold through aj racing.

I haven't run an exhaust without a cat delete so I can't comment on the sound difference. I will say that there was no real difference on the sound of the black label exhaust between the 2.5inch P2R test pipe and the 2 inch T1R though.
ok cool thanks for the info. think i might get one of the t1r. one more question is it the tr1 racing converter
Yes racing converter / test pipe. Call aj-racing to order and they'll take care of it.
Hate to thread jack, but I got a downpipe for sale.:)
Still, if he wants the same pipe size he wants the t1r I guess.
Hey, or you can build one very very easily. just takes one stainless 2in U bend and a welder ;)
thanks for the input. im good on buying a downpipe but thanks for the offer. an for making my own im not that good making something like that. im not advance for custom making of parts. im just waiting on aj to pm me back an im goin to get t1r downpipe
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