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Hey Everyone. (I'm not sure if this is posted in the right section or not. It was kinda an exterior DIY project but morphed in a semi-interior one, so I was un-sure where to categorize it.)

Here is my dilemma.

My passenger side door handle broke. (The exterior part, the actual thing that you use to open the door.) My friend fixed it. The door opens now! Woot.

My problem now,
-when I use the door lock on the drivers side to lock/unlock the doors, just the drivers side responds. and the passenger side door stays in whatever position it's in.
-so I usually just keep the passenger side door, locked -> because if I do when I lock the door with the Key Fob, it at least recognizes that it is locked and beeps.
-locking or unlocking with the Key Fob only unlocks the drivers side.
-but having the passenger side door locked all the time makes it super inconvenient when I have to get in the hatch. because the passenger side door lock has to be unlocked in order for the hatch to be unlocked and opened.
-so basically, the key fob and the button on the drivers side only works the drivers side. I have to throw the switch manually on the passenger side to lock/unlock.

And I'm not sure if this is related issue or a whole new separate one. But it involves the door locks, so I'm gonna put it in here. When my car reaches 9MPH the driver side door, locks (the passenger side does not because of what we stated above.) So lets say I'm in a parking lot and my speed comes down to 9MPH my doors lock again. And this continues to happen the duration of my drive. Going up or down in speed, the latch on the drivers side door, locks and so forth and so on. (unlike in the good ole days when the car would latch the first time it reached 9 MPH, then it didn't matter if I came back down and went back up, the car knew it was locked.)

My friend could have sworn he got all the wires reconnected. *he thinks.
I checked the fuses for the door handles - I changed them just in case and still nothing. (unless there is a mystery fuse that I don't know about.)

So what do I need to do so when I simply go to my key fob and lock/unlock my doors, both sides do?

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if you dig through the MID settings you can set it to unlock all of them at one push of the button.

Customize Settings > CHG Setting > Doors setup > Door lock mode > All Doors

Also, it's very possible your buddy missed the connector for the door lock actuator. It's in a tricky spot to see and reach...

Could be that the actuator has failed as well. Timing is suspect though, lol.

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There are 2 options one opens the driver door only on first press and second press unlocks passenger door and hatch. Manual unlock button on door unlocks all doors and hatch. Other option is all doors for first press. Door switch at least for me is always all doors lock or unlock. It sounds like you may have other issues going on as well. I have it set one press is driver only 2 presses for all from remote.

In that same MID setting you can disable the lock at speed option.
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