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Dome light not working when door is open, but works when pushed

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The left dome light doesn’t come on when the door’s open or on the “On” setting but the right one does both.
It comes on when I press it so it’s getting some kind of power and the bulb’s not burnt out. I tried replacing the bulb just to be sure and same thing with the brand new one.
The overhead switch is set to door; I’ve tried going back and forth between all the settings and still nothing.
I don’t believe it’s the door jamb switch either. When I press it, the door and trunk lights come on.

At this point, I’m assuming a blown fuse or short circuit somewhere. I even checked the fuse box under the driver side dashboard but I’m not good with electrical so I wasn’t sure what to be looking for.

HELP! I’ve done all the trouble shooting I know how to do and am at my wits end.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts