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I've noticed that it is super hard to get a hold of a turbo kit for the CR-Z, So I set myself the challenge of piecing together all the parts needed to go turbo (How hard can it be 馃檲).

Once I start work I will then post pictures and small write-ups to help inform people.

Any help/suggestion are welcome good or bad

I'm wanting to make it easy step by step guide.

Below is a list all the parts and links to them so far, anything else I buy along the way I will be sure to update this post.

Exhaust flange - T25 T28 Internal Gate Turbo Dump Pipes Flange GT28 SR20DET GT2871 GT2860RS Parts | eBay

BOV - SQV Blow Off Valve BOV IV 4 +2.5" Flange Pipe + Silicone Hose +Clamps kit blue 843401118123 | eBay

Turbo manifold - Honda FIT JAZZ L13A L15A Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Low Bottom Mount T28 | eBay

Turbo - wGT2860 gt2860 AR 0.64 / AR0.42 oil cold 350hp 2.5" inlet T25 TURBO turbocharger | eBay

Intercooler - VW Audi Skoda Seat Front Mount Welly Intercooler FMIC 65mm-76mm - Black & Silver | eBay

Manifold gasket - Exhaust Manifold Gasket Seal FOR HONDA CR-Z 1.5 10->ON Hybrid ZF Coupe Elring | eBay

Oil drain - UK 5/8" Inch Turbo Oil Pan Return Drain Plug Adapter Bung Fitting No Welding | eBay

Turbo oil drain fitting - Turbocharger Turbine Turbo CHRA Oil Drain Return Flange GT2860R + 2876 1/2" 17mm | eBay

Exhaust gasket - Turbo Gasket Garrett GT25R GT28R GT28RS GT2871R GT3071RWG GT3076R Exhaust Outlet | eBay

Turbo gasket - Turbo Gasket Garrett T25 T28 GT28 T3 Turbo Inlet Gasket Embossed Stainless Steel | eBay

Coupler adapter - Silicone Hose Straight Reducer Blue Joiner (All Sizes Available) Black Liner | eBay

Intercooler piping kit - 2.5" 63mm NEW Universal Intercooler Turbo Piping Aluminum Alloy Pipe Kit LM | eBay

Exhaust studs - Turbo Stud & Lock Nut Kit M8x1.25 for Nissan SKYLINE Turbo Garrett GT25 GT28 T28 | eBay

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Good info boss

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You need to also upgrade your fuel injectors and choose engine management software, I suggest Hondata Flashpro.

You can read about my custom turbo build here.


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This was OP's only thread and they haven't been online since posting it :(

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