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So... I was waxing my car and I was annoyed that my black weatherseals were not black I tried to remove them. Turns out that one side was bent a bit and I think the whole thing needs to be replaced because it won't stay sealed down.

I was going to remove them to paint black but I decided that I will replace them all together.

Honda online store : 2011 crz molding - side sill garnish parts
# 9 & 12 @ $33.25 each

So, since I took it apart to clean underneath, this should be something that everyone should at least check every once and a while....So here goes.

I posted the SM version of this on the bottom for those who prefer it.

Reasons to do this:
1. Cleaning
2. Painting
3. Replacement
4. Check fitting
5. Fiddling mood

My seals were worn, which I think is the reason why it was so easy to remove.

1a. Press finger either both side as shown:

1b. Lift

2. Pull up and see the mechanism underneath.

3. Clean/paint

4. Re-install as removed

5. Voila


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Nice write up...I once saw that there was a carbon fiber replacement. I believe that it was for a different car, though. I wonder if you have seen something similar for the CRZ? A brushed aluminum would look neat with the pillar garnish! :thumbup:

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The actual roof molding strips are black and the part numbers and current prices for them are (based on a 2013)
74316-SZT-G01 Molding Assy., L. Roof $41.26
74306-SZT-G01 Molding Assy., R. Roof $41.26

The OP has the right idea.
I would not want anything adhesive attached to the roof. Mine are faded and disgusting so at some point I am ordering them and replacing them.

You can order OEM here
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