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DIY: Polarized/convex/heated side mirrors w/LED turn signal

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Disclaimer: For informative/entertainment purposes only. Not responsible for user error. This was installed on 2011 EX w/Navi.

Brand name: Safe Driving
Part number: 271104

Item found by resibud (thank you!). From resibud:
Japanese site Rakuten. These are convex mirrors with integrated turn signals and heater.
The name of the person to contact is : Rin Yamakawa

Email: [email protected]
Rakuten site translated to English
My cost with heater/LED signal = 14070 Japanese Yen = $144.471 US Dollar (included shipping to Tennessee/paypal fee). To order, I sent an email to him in English and then used an online translator to translate to Japanese. I ordered mine on Aug. 15 and received delivery on Aug. 22. Great turn-around from Japan! Delivery requires signature.

Tools needed:
Trim tool (to pry off OEM mirror)
Philips screwdriver
Electrical tape

Installation time:
I am guessing 15+ minutes for each mirror. I have to guess because I paused to take pictures for this DIY

Working on the Left (driver's side) mirror: Remove OEM mirror. I used a trim tool. Pry up at the mirror bottom and pull out. Here is the back of the mirror after removal:

Before you remove the wires from the OEM mirror, mark the new mirror in accordance. One wire is solid black and the other is black w/a bit of white on it. I wrote "B" (for "black"), on the new mirror and "W" (for black/white).

Back of new mirror:


Remove the white plastic motor cover to give yourself some working room: Remove center screw and pull the white cover off. There are (2) "prongs" inside a greased rubber boot on the bottom and left side. Please see the "on edit" at the bottom of this DIY. Instead of removing the motor cover, you can remove the entire motor.


Pull all the OEM colored and black/white heater wires from their retainer. You will be splicing into the pink and purple wires (OEM turn signal wires).


Cut a short length of one of the supplied wire bundles. The length I cut was way too long but I wanted a lot of work room:


Using the clamp connectors supplied, splice the
BLACK wire into the PINK oem wire
BLACK/WHITE wire into the PURPLE oem wire:


Instructions that came with the mirrors:


Take the wire bundle that you cut a length of and connect the BLACK to BLACK and BLACK/WHITE to BLACK/WHITE on the mirror:


Connect the OEM heater wires to the new mirror. Remember your markings from the beginning (black and black/white). Slide the rubber cover back over the connection of the turn signal wires and apply electrical tape for insurance. I forgot to take a pic of it w/the electrical tape applied. Reinsert all the OEM wires back into the plastic retainer. Reinstall the white plastic motor cover. It's a little tricky. On the two "prongs" that slide into the two rubber boots, there is one tab that must be aligned with the slot:


Test the turn signal and heater (turn on your rear defrost):


If everything tests fine, (also test the mirror motor), mount the new mirror into the housing. Peak under and align the top clips with the slots and swing the mirror down. There are 4 tabs left to push in. Make sure you hear them click in.


Hope this helps and if I have left anything out, please add-on.

on edit: resibud photo and advise. Instead of removing the white plastic motor cover and getting into the grease, remove the entire motor:

Yep, just did the passenger mirror and removing the entire motor is the way to go! Thanx again resibud.
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I like it a lot! Was it a hassle to get from Japan? If I could source it locally I'd probably a set.

Does anyone know how the heating element is wired? I have a Base so could I splice the power for the turn signals and hook up a switch and the heating element? Or does the heating element have its own line and fuse? Even if I have to run a separate line this is a pretty effective way for a base model to 1) get convex mirrors 2) get the turn signal lights and 3) get heated mirrors.
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