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DIY LED Colour Change on Drive Mode Buttons

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After multiple requests I've finally decided to do a write-up on my little project. It's my first time writing one of these so apologies if it's not detailed enough. Before you start ripping apart your car, I recommend you already know how to use a soldering iron.

I'm happy to offer a service to do this for anyone in the UK and Ireland.

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What you will need:
  • Soldering Iron with solder
  • Crosshead screwdriver
  • Appropriate LEDs (I found 3528 SMD LEDs from Home page worked for me. You can change the colours to whatever you want, I only changed sport and econ to red and green)
Remove the plastic surrounding the gauge cluster. You can pop the clips out just by carefully pulling. Unplug all of the cables connected behind so entire unit can be removed.
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2. Remove drive mode panel from main cluster panel (3 screws at blue circles). Remove 5x screws from drive mode panel to remove rear access panel (red circles).
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3. Once the rear panel is removed, remove 2x screws holding the drive mode buttons into the housing (blue circles). Remove 2x screws in rear of drive mode buttons (red screws)
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4. Button module should now be free. Carefully unclip the housing to reveal the PCB ensuring none of the clips snap. Remove rubber covering.
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5.Time to solder. These are the LEDs we are interested in replacing. Carefully remove and replace with new ones ensuring correct polarity.
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Thanks for the awesome write-up! How did you determine what size or kind of LED to use?

I apologize for the basic question, I'm totally new to this kind of modification lol

Edit: The LED size is in the write-up, you just have to know how to read, lol
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