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DIY - JDM Red Hazard, Non-Navi

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This is a DIY thread for the Red Hazard installation on Non-Navi head unit. Disclaimer - I am not responsible for your mistakes in following these steps. Proceed at your own risk.

First of all I ordered this from A&J Racing. The piece itself was $45 and shipping to LA was $26 (Total $71). It took roughly 5-6 business days from order to delivery.



Red Hazard Switch (Non-Navi):

One thing that I do want to reiterate is that this switch's form factor is completely identical to the US OEM switch. So that means that you don't have to worry about the triangle pointing down.

Now for the installation. The before picture:

Step One:
Remove the center lower lid (five retaining tabs, three hooks, and unplug the vehicle connector).

Step Two:
Insert your hand into the center lower lid opening, and push on the center trim to release the three clips.

Step Three:
Look underneath the center trim. There is a single bolt. Remove the bolt

Step Four:
Insert an appropriate tool (like flat head screw driver with masking tape around it) into the gap between the headunit and the center panel. It is located on the upper right side of the head unit (right behind the shiny plastic display). The headunit should just pop forward and out.

Step Five:
Behind the Hazard Switch are 2 screws that are securing it to the headunit. Remove these. The switch should just pull right out.

Step Six:
Disconnect the hazard switch 5P connector. Be careful it is a press release connector.

Now you have just removed the OEM. Rinse, repeat backwards with the Red Hazard Switch and you are done. Enjoy your labor.

One thing that I would recommend is testing the switch out prior to putting the headunit back in.

And as an added bonus, the switch also glows red during night time.

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nice write up. and ouuuu it glows at night
Looking good! :thumbsup:


Jason @ AJR
Looks good !
awesome!!! I getting it asap!!! :thumbsup:
looks awesome! ill be picking one of these up very soon! A&J FTW!
I did this mod using this diy....
Very quick and easy....thx OP
x2 just recieved my button today from a&j and look forward to doing the install thanks to these directions!
Looked on the AJ racing website, they only list a hazard switch for "with navi only", how did you find your non navi type?
^ Berth - is it thread resurrection day.. :grin:

All good I guess, but the guys who posted are no longer active members.. But then again, if they have notifications activated, might come back to post..
Hey I'm still active just not as much as before.

@Berth, I purchased mine from A&J Racing. Maybe they no longer have those in sock. Your best bet is to just contact them and inquire.

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wondering if it will as easy with navi :ionono:
I successfully performed this mod just now. Incredibly easy. Thanks for the write up!
Here's the after picture with the button glowing at night:

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Mine doesn't glow very bright
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