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DIY - How to remove interior light covers and license plate lights (Bulb Replacement)

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Hey people, it looks like Photobucket killed my old account out there. The photos I had posted for this are gone, and I don't have them anymore. Sorry... CRaZee

Bulb Size Chart.

Headlights (low beam):
HID- D4S D4S HID Bulbs - D4R HID Bulbs | Lexus Xenon Headlights | HID Light Bulbs *have not tested these yet!
Non EX- H11 96 SMD HID Xenon White H11 H8 H9 LED Driving Lamps Fog Lights Bulbs
Headlights (High beam/ DRL):
HB3 9005 LED Bulbs plus DRL Decoder For Acura Honda Daytime Running Light *have not tested these yet!
Fog Lights:
H11 96 SMD HID Xenon White H11 H8 H9 LED Driving Lamps Fog Lights Bulbs
Front Turn/Park lights:
7443 Dual Color Switch-Back 7443 7444 T20 LED Bulbs For Turn Signal Lights
Side Mirror Turn Signal:
Brake/ Tail Light:
Rear Turn Signal:
3156 18 SMD 3156 3157 LED Bulbs for Corner Light, Backup Light, Tail Light
Rear Side Marker Lights:
194 13-SMD 1210 T10 Car Automobile LED Light Bulbs 168 194 921 2825 I used a 5 SMD light on mine but this site does not have then in red from what I see, but these should work fine and will be brighter. These are behind a red lens so you should use a red LED.
Back Up Lights:
912 360¡ã 38 SMD T10 168 921 912 Bulbs for Parking, Side Door, Back up Lights
License Plate Lights:
194 5-SMD T10 Light Bulbs for Interior Map Dome Parking License Lights

Interior lights:

Dome Lights:
DE31 32mm Festoons

Door, Rear and Trunk Lights:
194 5-SMD T10 Light Bulbs for Interior Map Dome Parking License Lights
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Part of my new video included me changing the dome light <3

YouTube - I got a question... and updates
the blue at night seems pretty cool. but I don't know how bright it would actually be compared to white.
so can we get a List on the first post of exactly how many of what type of bulbs we need to change all the interior lights + license plate?

i've seen about 3 different lists in this thread and none of them are the same.
well since no1 answered, i went and measured the stock one instead.

31-32mm (1.2"-1.25") length. 15.* mm (0.6") in the middle for the part with the light.
~9 mm (0.035") wide
so i finally got my bulbs a month later. i gotta stop buying stuff off ebay from China... takes forever to pass customs.

i replaced all of them except the ones above the "back seat" area cus i wanted to test them out as i replace them to make sure they're not on backwards.

I couldn't figure out how to turn those lights on. i thought they came on when you opened the door but they don't. what triggers them?
that's weird. i have no idea why mine don't.

could it be that the Canadian version comes on differently? or is it a setting in the dash options?

or does it only come on at night (using the same sensor as the headlights) since it was still day when i changed mine.
Non of this makes sense to me lol I'm not very electrically inclined so can someone just tell me which to get with a link to the page lol. I already did my license plate lights, wanna order all the interior ones.
all the interior lights are T10 bulbs just like the license plate ones. the only different ones are the Dome lights which require a Festoon 31mm or 32mm bulb (either one will fit).

if you want links, here you go but this doesn't mean buy these i'm just quickly linking what they LOOK like, these might be more expensive than others.

2x T10 White 1-LED Wedge Bulb 194 168 W5W 158 2825 - eBay (item 160531931911 end time Apr-13-11 11:03:55 PDT)

FESTOON BULB 1 PCS 31MM 4 LED WHITE DOME LIGHT L-1087 - eBay (item 260753072561 end time Apr-14-11 20:19:45 PDT)

now a list of how many T10 you might need?
2x for bottom of the doors
2x for above the "back seat" area (US and other non rear seat models only)
1x Cargo light in trunk area
2x for rear License plate
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I changed mine during the day, but I verified tonight in case I was misremembering, but I'm pretty sure they always come on. I haven't even looked for any light settings, let alone changed them. Do yours come on when you hit the unlock button on your key??
figured it out. where the Dome light is there's a switch "Off - Door - ON" and that setting determines how your interior lights behave. always off, only opens with the doors, or always on.

so since mine was set to Off (has been since i got i from the dealer so had no clue lol) there was nothing from the rear lights. the dome lights still work if you push them on and off though lol.
i'd have to see it but if it's smaller than a T10 and the same shape and connector it might be a T5.
considering i changed all mine to Blue you can't really compare lol. but i'll try getting pics of the blue effect at night cus it's really cool
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