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DIY - How to remove interior light covers and license plate lights (Bulb Replacement)

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Hey people, it looks like Photobucket killed my old account out there. The photos I had posted for this are gone, and I don't have them anymore. Sorry... CRaZee

Bulb Size Chart.

Headlights (low beam):
HID- D4S D4S HID Bulbs - D4R HID Bulbs | Lexus Xenon Headlights | HID Light Bulbs *have not tested these yet!
Non EX- H11 96 SMD HID Xenon White H11 H8 H9 LED Driving Lamps Fog Lights Bulbs
Headlights (High beam/ DRL):
HB3 9005 LED Bulbs plus DRL Decoder For Acura Honda Daytime Running Light *have not tested these yet!
Fog Lights:
H11 96 SMD HID Xenon White H11 H8 H9 LED Driving Lamps Fog Lights Bulbs
Front Turn/Park lights:
7443 Dual Color Switch-Back 7443 7444 T20 LED Bulbs For Turn Signal Lights
Side Mirror Turn Signal:
Brake/ Tail Light:
Rear Turn Signal:
3156 18 SMD 3156 3157 LED Bulbs for Corner Light, Backup Light, Tail Light
Rear Side Marker Lights:
194 13-SMD 1210 T10 Car Automobile LED Light Bulbs 168 194 921 2825 I used a 5 SMD light on mine but this site does not have then in red from what I see, but these should work fine and will be brighter. These are behind a red lens so you should use a red LED.
Back Up Lights:
912 360¡ã 38 SMD T10 168 921 912 Bulbs for Parking, Side Door, Back up Lights
License Plate Lights:
194 5-SMD T10 Light Bulbs for Interior Map Dome Parking License Lights

Interior lights:

Dome Lights:
DE31 32mm Festoons

Door, Rear and Trunk Lights:
194 5-SMD T10 Light Bulbs for Interior Map Dome Parking License Lights
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A big thanks to CRaZee for putting up this DIY with all the bulb info. It's much appreciated!

Taped off and bluetooth removed from the speaker.
That looks incredible!

I just ordered all the bulbs for the interior and liscence plate, plus yellow fog light bulbs.

Can't wait 'till they get here.
negative.. uses T10 (194) just like the doors

Kreaper recommended this one in his post about the lighting

5-SMD T10 Light Bulbs for Interior Map Dome Parking License Lights
I got these and just put them in. Obviously it's not dark, but I could already tell a difference. It gives that luxury >$50K look.

I got the fogs, also. But they were 100W. Way too high for a bulb that replaces a 55w. So I found some on Amazon: h11 55w yellow Hella bulbs. :D

Can't wait for my red taillight tint.
I just did this. I got all the LEDs working except for the front. I used every bulb every which way and it just won't light up the LED panel. What am I doing wrong? I'm pretty sure the small bulb is the correct adapter to use.


Edit: Looking back at the DIY, I didn't even get a cargo area bulb. WTF??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

PM sent to T1R's rep on here.
Shatner.. get it figured out? Bad bulbs?
Haven't had time, but I think that's the culprit. They sent 3 packs of the little universal LED panel with bulb adapters. I'm wondering if this is known or if they miscounted.

On a related note. I was running around last night and the LEDs look incredibly awesome in there!
If they sent three of those.. then you did get the cargo area light.. those are for the map lights and one for the cargo area. You may also have to switch polarity on the plug for the adapter. You should of also got four of the T10 5 LED bulb? for the doors and "backseat" area?
I only got 4 T10 bulbs. While installing I completely forgot about the cargo area. When I get in there and finish it I'll check out the cargo area.

I switched polarities any which way possible on one of the front lights.

I'm taking today off so maybe I'll get to it.
4 T10's is all you need! Doors and "backseat" area!

The LED panel lights (map and cargo) are kind of weird... I had to play with bulb placement on mine to get them working.. at first they didnt.. then they did! And haven't failed since. Test the LED board by plugging in the T10 adapter into a door light.. and plug the LED board into it.. that way you can make sure the boards are good.
I just sayed screw it and GTFO there to finish it up. You're right, about the cargo, you just don't use a festoon adapter. Got the fronts finished up. I'm not sure I like my LED panel placement. Has anyone found a great spot for the map lights?

Thanks CRaZee! :thumbsup:
Part of my new video included me changing the dome light <3

YouTube - I got a question... and updates
Not a fan of the blue, sorry. I'm glad that you're happy with it, though. I know I'm diggin' my white LEDs.
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