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Hello all, first off I have done several cars black out headlights. You also can add LED strips if you would like. I however just prefer the blackout, clear the orange and call it a day. This is not easy. The hard part is removing the projector shroud from the plastic housing, in order to paint the chrome around the HID bulb. It was a real pain in the ___. That being said, I did Paint the shroud white at first to match my car color. Was not really feeling it. So went back to all black.

Overall job looks great. Took me quite a while to do.

Tools needed
- Flathead Screwdriver
- Philips Screwdriver
- Heat Gun
- Primer and Color paint
- Painters Tape

Note 1
- The blue around the HID Shroud is just a blue chrome color, below the plastic cover. I taped off mine and painted the rest black. However this would be a cool spot to place a color. I was thinking red or something, could turn out pretty interesting.

Note 2
- I highly suggest not baking this, use a heat gun. due to all the metal, and plastic inside the light.

Note 3 -

Items that need to be painted
- Turn Signal chrome section
- HID Shroud chrome section
- Chrome outline of light ( would look decent color matched to car)
- Remove orange reflector ( the bulb is orange )

Step 1 - Remove bumper, I will no go through this, as there is another DIY

Step 2 - Remove headlights, three bolts in each one, unplug and go.

Step 3 - Remove Harness on bumpers, 2 screws

Step 4 - Remove the 6 screws keeping the headlight together

Step 5 - Heat gun the light apart, Best to start at the non-skinny end of the light

Step 6 - Remove the outline from the clear plastic side, then take out the orange reflector

Step 7 - Unscrew the turn signal chrome section, 2 screws, then remove the HID box 3 screws. Unplug all lights and remove

Step 8 - Unscrew the two big screws in the back, pull off a cover to one. Then pull the HID Shroud and DRL section off the housing. This part sucks.

Step 9 - Unscrew the DRL from the metal support 3 screws.

Step 10 - Unscrew the HID from the support 2 screws, then pop off the black that goes to DRL section.

Step 11 - Pop the plastic section off the HID, If you want to paint the HID shroud, now is the time to either tape off the blue reflection area if you want to keep it. Or pick a different gloss color and go with that. I think it would look sweet red or something. But I decided to keep the blue.

Step 12 - Tape off and paint everything the colors you want it. Wait for it to dry. I also painted the H logo in the meantime, and changed Fog Light bulbs to some yellow ones. Also horn replacement

Step 13 - Reassemble all the pieces, and put the metal bracket with the HID and DRL sections back on the two long screws. You will also want to wire the HID connector before you tighten the Main clamps down. MAKE FN SURE YOUR MOUNTS ARE STRAIGHT. Mine went on crooked one time and lets just say, I wish I saw that ****.

Step 14 - Keep putting stuff together, when you get to putting the headlight back together, MAKE SURE TO LINE UP THE SCREWS, MOST IMPORTANT IS THE ONE IN THE CUBBY HOLE, LINE THAT _______ UP FIRST. Of course I am telling this so you wont hate yourself like I did.

Step 15 - Make sure it all work.

I will get some pics of the progress but for now here is the end result:


STEP *. These are the mounts for the Main support for the HID and DRL's also the adjustment

The HID housing, with the 3 parts to it. See how the blue is just on the top.

Tried it with the shroud painted white. Decided to go with all black instead


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Can i see a closer none glared pic of the headlight? Looks good just curious as to what was painted. If you dont mind, i went and looked at mine to see what i would do just want to see if we are on the same page.

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looks sickkkkkk!! i wish had the courage to do this. but im lazy:/

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Looks good.. ! have you ever tried baking in the oven to get the housing apart.. works really well too. (as long as it doesn't piss off your wife :) Had that happen to me once!)
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