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I gathered some post and video for everyone to use:

Found a DIY Video on the topic...

Wow I'm glad I didn't have the instructions, they make it TOO hard.
I spent 30 minutes figuring out how to do it and about 20 to put it in place.

1. Move both seats as far forward as possible
2. pop off the third cup holder
3. Loosen the e-break cable and unhook the two cables
4. Remove the lower two bolts holding the e-break attachment assembly .
5. remove the two black wood screws on the console then pop out the two plastic
clips that they were attached too.
6. Wiggle the Armrest bracket in place under the break cables and attach with the bolts that were removed.
7. hooked up break cables and adjusted.
8. used a step bit to in large the current hole where the two black screws were for those little silver collars
9. used a small awl to punch a spot on the console from the inside through the armrest bracket holes, used a step bit to drill a hole big just big enough for the supplied bolt to go though.
10. I used a die-grinder to open up the holes so the supplied plugs would fit.
11. vacuum up the plastic shavings
12. slide in armrest
13. install 4 supplied bolts silver collars on the the front to
14. install plastic plug caps.
15. slide seats back.

I never figured out the use of the cloth covered tape, till seeing the instructions. As long as your e-break cable is proper its is not needed, and the supplied zip tie is not needed as you do not need to remove the original one.
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