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DIY: Brighter Floor Lights (for GT)

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Difficulty: Fairly easy
Costs: nothing
What you need: a CR-Z GT or the led floor light option, drill

Not under my responsibility or of this site.

When you look at the advertisement then you see a nice blue glow at the floor, but in reality you would even think its not on! So I looked for a solution:

The problem is very clear, compare the middle dashboard part and the ones at the floor. They used a white plastic in the middle which are a letting a lot more light thru then the BLACK ones at the floor!

The solution is to drill a hole in the black plastics, here is how I done it:

Passenger side:
  1. Pull the black plastic panel that is mounted under the glove box towards you. You can see where they rest at the very end (motor side). You can easily pull them out.
  2. Now pull the plastic carefully down, there are clips near the end (is just pulled the one in the corner and in the middle), don't break them. They are 2 or 5 cm from the glove box door.
  3. Now you see the led on that plastic panel, you now have to push the little pin down to pull out the cable on the connector.
  4. Rotate the led now and it comes out.
  5. Now you can pull off the black filter of the led, but its the connector to the panel so we need them.
  6. Now just drill a hole in the black filter or replace it with genuine white ones (like in the middle console/cupholder)

The led (if anyone have some info of it):

Now for comparison:

iPhone shot (sorry), but to illustrate the difference I used 2 identical little bags. You see a bag at the driver side (no mod) and passenger side (with mod).. Now its in real life like it is in the advertisement, I will post another picture then the iPhone one if all is done.

So you see it is a HUGE difference

(its not THAT bright like in this picture, its what the Nikon sees, its in real life more like the first advertisement picture)
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Part 2, Drivers side.

  • First, rotate the "clip" as seen on the upper part of this image
  • You can now pull it down and pull it from the end (the motor side).
  • Now, feel the connector, push the middle pin just like you did on the passenger side and pull the cable out.
  • Then this part needs thin fingers, rotate the led clockwise 45 degrees en pull it out without loosing it!
  • Then pull of the filter cap and drill a nice hole in the middle (about the same size as the led).
Thats it.. now do everything backwards :cool:
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So what you are saying is that the passenger floor led comes with the car but it is covered with a black plastic?
Passenger in black and driver floor led is covered with a dark grey plastic (see point 4 picture) indeed. Thats why you don't see it very good.

In the middle (cup holder) it is covered with a white plastic.
It seems a very interesting finding. I'll check that out and then let you know.
Turn them on to locate the 2 leds.. you will see that its behind a black round plastic filter
I haven't been able to pull the black plastic under the glove compartment. I unclipped the two holdings, it stays loose but i can't pull it down. Where is it holding?
at the other 2 corners (about 3 or 5 cm from the glove box "door"), you can feel where it is blocking. I started with the one near the door, in fact if you have that one pulled out you can reach the led and cable also without the need to have the full panel out.
Yep, you are right the filters are both black. I wonder why.. I will not drill the actual one but instead try to get the white ones: mabe honda sells them.

Very nice post of yours, thanks a lot.
or you can stick them without the black filters on there place with something else if you don't want to drill them, like hmm ducktape? :D

What I think is that they wouldn't risk laws and stuff, because its not legal in every country to have colored interior lights. Its indeed very odd.
So, I finished it this weekend.. and here is the result:

Its in real life not that bright like on this picture now, but now its really like advertised. Its cool if you see it with the dashboard lights!

I added the drivers side tutorial also now on the first page!
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can you take a picture of how it looks like from right under? like right facing the leds? =] thanks for your post! =D might take a look when i get to try one
can you take a picture of how it looks like from right under? like right facing the leds? =] thanks for your post! =D might take a look when i get to try one
How do you mean? There is nothing to see?

The black filter is over the led here also. You can see the top of the led, but its not that it bothers or something.

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Just finished your tutorial on this DIY floor light.
Great and easy guide, especially with the pictures.
Very easy to do.

The LED in the driver side was allready done.
The passenger side was not, but a new hole in the top filter did the job.
Can't wait to check it out to night :)

Thanks YLA for a great guide:thumbsup:
Thanks for the tutorial looks great!:thumbsup:
Can't wait to check it out to night :)

Thanks YLA for a great guide:thumbsup:
Thank you for the thanks :)

So did you check it out in the dark? Pics? :)
Yeah, checked it yesterday evening. It looked sweeeet at the passenger side.
I try to take a picture this evening.

However on the drivers side, the top filter is not black but transparent, this kind of dims the light a lot compared the customized passenger side. I try to take some pictures of it.

I am still in "thinking mode", but at the moment I'm leasing towards removing the transparent top at the drivers side 'cause the LED light at the passenger side looks fantastic now.
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