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So I was having problems being heard while using HFL. Everyone complained that I sounded very distant and that I could not be heard very well, even when I leaned in closer to the mic. Did some research.. and experimenting and this is what I came up with.

The Navigation unit in the CR-Z has a diagnostic mode (meant for techs to use as trouble shooting) but has the ability to set the mic sensitivity for the driver.

Step 1: With the car running and in park, Simply press and hold the Map, Menu and Cancel buttons down for about 5 seconds and you will see this screen:

At this screen select the "Detailed Information and Settings" Tab and you will see this menu:

On this Screen select "Functional Setup" and you will see a screen that looks like this:

At this screen press the talk button on your steering wheel controls and talk in a normal speaking voice from your normal sitting position. It will record your voice levels and adjust the microphone sensitivity level accordingly. For example, the lower you voice appears on the sensitivity meter the more it will turn the mic sensitivity up. Afterward, press return until you are out of this mode. The people you call should now be able to hear you much better when using your HFL and also the the Navigation unit will better understand your commands.

Note: I highly suggest you do not tamper with anything else in this menu, this is for techs and advanced users and you could change something that would prove harmful!!!!

Sorry that I have no info for non-nav units but being I own a CR-Z with a NAV I was only able to test on my own vehicle. So please if you have a non nav unit and find any info to add to this post... Please do! :hi5:
Ok, just ran into this thread...but my 2013 doesn't have a "menu" button on the nav. Any ideas...? I messed around a bit with various combinations but no luck.
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