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2011, S, 6MT
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Hey everyone, not posted in a long time (locked myself out of my old account).

So to the point:

Long story short I've managed to get hold of a zf2 engine and transmission (MT), I know that the zf2 has some differences such as final drive and some differences in the cylinder head.

So to do the GE8 head swap you need the following;
Shaft, Rocker 14631-rb1-000
Motion Set, Lost 04148-rb1-305
Camshaft 14110-rb1-j00
Arm Aassy., Rocker 14620-rb1-010 x4
Motion, Lost 14820-rb1-013 x4

I wrote this stuff down years ago so its probably not right but hey ho. Anyways to my knowledge the zf2 has the latter 2 of the 5 listed above fitted. So if i was to get a ge8 cam and whack it in there with a bit of spit it would perform better than the zf1? or should i just go whole hog and get everything on the list? Either way i'll be paying a premium with being in the UK

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Rocker arm assembly is completely different in the GE8 so I can't see how honda used the rocker arm and the crz cam as the ge8 has an l shaped rocker as both valves always open.

The lma could be similar enough.

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Despite having the same cylinder head part numbers, the LEA and L15A7 do not share the same rocker arm assemblies. So the cam and rocker arm assembly must be matched with which ever variant/spec of those two L series you want to run. Then of course tuned later via Hondata or KTuner once the cam swap is done.

So since you're interested in running the GE8/L15A7's cam, you will need at least... (Just double checking your list)

Camshaft - 14110-RB1-J00
Lost Motion Set - 04148-RB1-305 [See note below]
Rocker Shaft - 14631-RB1-000
Rocker Arm Assy. - 14620-RB1-010 (x4)
Lost Motion Springs - 14820-RB1-013 (x4)

A few additional seals I'd add in...

O-Ring - 91302-PX4-004
O-Ring - 91333-PNA-003
Cam Seal/Cylinder Head Plug -12513-P72-003
Valve Cover Gasket - 12341-RE2-E01


After thumbing around on Honda parts catalog, it seems that they may or may not include Lost Motion Springs in the Lost Motion Set. Its an odd call but usually if the item in enclosed in a box (#10 in the diagram) in the parts catalog, it usually comes in that set. I'd advise contacting the dealer and verify this beforehand.


I'm also using Kamispeed's image for the Spoon/GE8/L15A7 cam kit as a visual reference and to help double check as well.

To further help double/triple check, I did stumble upon this video of someone installing the cam in their CR-Z.

There IS some NFSW langauge in this video so you may want to volume check or wear headphones if at work.

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