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Custom muffler modification... (Very Simple and Cheap!)

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Want a CR-Z that is a little louder, but without the rice?

I bet you do not want to spend alot of $$, here is my option...

The Stock (REAR) Muffler..

The custom pipe, STRAIT!! Easy to have made at any muffler shop.

For more info and pic's go here: 2011 Honda CR-Z - SPORT / HYBRID
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This seems like a nice, inexpensive way to get a little sound out of a pretty quiet car. I recently traded in my 2005 RSX-S for a CR-Z, and I've noticed I bog the engine down when starting to move because not only am I not use to the drive by wire, but I can barely hear the exhaust note. Which to some can be a good thing, but I like to drive by sound.

Though this seems like it would be pretty loud, I ran Buddy Club Spec II on my RSX And that was basically a straight pipe and it got annoying after a while, so I changed it up for the GReddy Evo II, and couldn't have been happier. I'd probably end up saving for a catback, but this seems like a pretty sweet DIY.
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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