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so far in all my driving, the rear hatch area is what's been making noise. i have had a couple of pops and cracks when taking turns overly aggressive. i am going to work on the rear next.

i have the HKS Kansai rear tower brace sitting in my garage. it's not installed because i have to pull the entire rear hatch plastic out to install the bar. total PITA install.

the front lower bars are fine and are relatively inexpensive. i haven't decided on an upper front strut bar because i am waiting on the MFG's to tell me how they attach to the chassis. HKS Kansai looks to attach near the front struts but there are no bolts in that area. the Cusco, attaches to the front sheet metal which is very thin and i don't know if that's going to work.
So you do notice a difference? Can you explain how it feels comapred to stock? What do you plan for the rear? The Cusco add on type sway bar thingy (IDK) looks good. So does a full replacement bar. I can't decide.

Also, have you considered the Spoon rib cage for the front? It's expensive, but it's the only bracing available for the CRZ that's worth it's salt. Might be kind of a PITA if you need to work on the engine, though. Looks like you'd have to remove it for certain things.

Edit: Have you seen this from our new vendor, kami Speed?
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