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Curious to know more about the connections on this part

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Was looking through auctions for random CR-Z parts and stumbled upon the following:
Luggage and bags Gas Bag Rectangle Auto part

Interestingly enough - it has an AV plug and an additional USB... I am thinking about making a wasteful decision and purchasing this just to have it and mess around with giving myself extra functionality. I do have an aftermarket headunit that is pretty open to weird modifications so getting use out of that AV plug is not far from reality.

And I did look up some keywords for more information on this but maybe I didn't do enough looking.
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I don't think i ever saw the "video input" but my 2016 has an HDMI input, and 2 USB -A ports.

Is that RCA plugs?
Neat, Its odd how many
Do you happen to have a picture of where your HDMI + 2 USB plugs are located? To the left of the steering wheel just above the fusebox?
They are in the same place as the plugs on that part. (not my photo) its interesting how many dead ends they did with the ICE in this car.
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U.S. 2016 has electric parking brake, push button start and lane watch cameras in the wing mirrors. May even have leather seats, depending on trim level.
Yeah the 2016 had the camera on the passenger mirror. Finding an aftermarket head unit that will retain that feature has been a pain in the ass.

The 16 also has bigger brake rotors int he front, Keyless entry (but no auto locking like other Honda cars), and the replacement keys are a whopping $500 USD from Honda.

The Electric parking break is neat! If you are in gear and just tap the gas pedal with your seatbelt on, it will auto disengage. I use it all the time in drive through and when setting off.
Yeah so far retaining factory features when moving to an aftermarket headunit has been a real pain in the butt. The CR-Z is all over the place feature-wise so unfortunately solutions have not been easy to find. I've basically just been looking up keywords until I find a lead of some sort for the adaptors and modifications I've been doing.
The Guy who is behind Teyes says I can retain that feature, with the factory camera for lane watch, but I would need to use there backup camera. Not a huge deal, just haven't gotten a confirmation that if it doesn't work they will let me return it all.

I'm assuming you personally prefer to route the camera display to the mirror? Supposedly certain base models have the reverse mirror camera operate independently to an extent - I wonder if taking parts from one of those models would allow you to retain your preference and still switch to an aftermarket HU. The only problem I'd think of is the lane watch cameras - perhaps something similar to this (or at least the concept of it) would function. Adaptors would definitely be needed.
I actually like the the factory integration, with the curving backup lines and the dashed lines showing the spacing. And TBH I really would rather use the bugger screen rather than the rearview mirror.
I just really want something with more than iPod support.

I have been driving my wife's 2020 Fit and love the android auto setup. having something even close to that in the CRZ would be a dream come true.
If I can get Teyes to agree to do a refund return i will pick one up in the next few months.

And yeah sounds like the electronic parking brake is pretty neat - and it actually looks like there are a bunch of cheaper used proximity fobs on the Japanese auction sites I've been browsing too. I don't know enough to say if it's possible to use one of those and just reprogram it but figured I'd mention it.
I did a deep dive into the chip used, found that it was the same chip a few years of the Honda Acord. The Accord Keyfob was like $150. But just because it used the same chip does not mean it would work.

I don't have the means to program the key myself otherwise I would give it a try. It seems like a waste to pay a locksmith to program it for it to just fail.

I haven't looked at the any listing from Japan. I always assumed that the systems were not the same due to NA regulations. I will start poking around.
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Well this is perfect - I have a Teyes CC3! It's been my main focus the last few months since I got it. I can do some extra digging into those functions for you, my other posts on here have actually been only really about the Teyes unit and what I've had to do with it. Ask away if you have any questions! It is truly an incredible unit - I will say though it does have some finnicky little bits here and there.

  • I can't say anything about the lane watch cameras but if you happen to have an image of the plug that leads to your headunit I can look into it further.
  • The reverse camera would likely require the Teyes one because of the plug compatibility. Teyes uses a video input and not whatever OEM might be.
  • As far as I'm aware, the dynamic reverse lines SHOULD work still. I cannot speak on that because I unfortunately do not have a model that comes with that stock and thus no support.
  • The CC3 is actually really only geared towards NAV models like yours so unlike me, you will likely have as close to PNP as possible.
  • If you get a Teyes, GET. A. SIM. CARD. What a difference it makes. The unit doesn't require a personal hotspot if you do - and all you have to do is modify the APN settings which is already documented on here. I can provide the info for that if it ever becomes of interest to you.
I have yet to pull out the radio. This summer I was planning on replacing the gauge cluster lenes as the previous owner stripped off the anti-glare coating. So it will be a while before I dive into that.

Just for kicks I wanted to look up the radio. And just my luck, the OEM radio is on sale, WOW...
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I mean it is 1K off right now, HAHAHA
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