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Predict the USA M.S.R.P. for the Base CRZ 6 spd including destination charge

  • Less than $19,000

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • $19,000 to $19,999

    Votes: 8 29.6%
  • $20,000 to $20,999

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • $21,000 to $21999

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • $22,000 to $22,999

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • More than $23,000

    Votes: 7 25.9%

CRZ USA pricing predictions

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Well the CRZ has been fully revealed and we know it will have a choice of 6 speed or CVT with 2 trim levels base and EX and that Nav will be an option on the EX trim. The car is due for US deliveries in in July or August.

So let's hear your USA M.S.R.P. pricing predictions for each model including the standard $710 shipping charge.

My best guess:

Base 6 spd $21,350
Base CVT $22,100
EX 6 spd $23,150
EX CVT $23,900
EX 6spd NAV $24,650
EX CVT NAV $25,400

And at these prices I predict people will stay away in droves and they will sell fewer than 10,000 units in the USA. I would like to predict that the price would be $2000 less than this, but based on the weak dollar and the hints that have been dropped at the auto show, I seriously doubt it.

So put in your predictions now.
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My guess (Including the $710):

Base 6 spd $19,840
Base CVT $21,080
EX 6 spd $21,760
EX CVT $23,000
EX 6spd NAV $23,560
EX CVT NAV $24,800
I think these prices are close... i'll make some adjustments to what i think they'll be closer to below...
I infer this based on the comments at the auto show by John Mendel, (the head of American Honda) suggesting they have a 10,000/year sales target. That is a awfully low sales target (less than 1 car/dealer/month) and I can only guess that this is because they plan to price it out of the perceived value range for most people.
i thought they said projected around 15k/year??? the bigger dealers will for sure get more around 4-5/month... when the '06 Si came out they only projected 13k/year and each dealer got around 3-4 (2 every other week)... smaller dealers got less, like 1-3...
Also the comments that the CRZ will be a priced "a little above the Insight," to me means it will be priced a little more than a "equivalently equipped Insight." And the base CRZ is equivalently equipped to the Insight EX, which is $22,010.
i sorta agree but you have to remember that the base CR-Z will have 6MT and not the standard CVT like the Insight...

now my price prediction:
Base 6MT - $19,850
Base CVT - $20,650
EX 6MT - $21,850
EX CVT - $22,650
EX 6MT Navi - $23,850
EX CVT Navi - $24,650

these prices are based on a few assumptions and one FACT... i'm assuming that b/c Honda missed the mark by so much with the Insight, they have already the funds/resources allocated for production of the CVT transmission and wouldn't have to charge a really high premium for adding it over the 6MT... this is why i only added about $800 to the 6MT price...

essentially the EX would add HIDs, fogs, 360watt sound... so i added $2k to the base... add another $2k for the navi and you got ur EX-Navi model...

now here's the FACT:
I will not spend more than $23k OTD for my EX-Navi 6MT...
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b/c i want this car... the thought crossed my mind to get the 6MT w/o navi if they decide to price it too high...

i'd only buy this to try something new... i had an '06 Si-Navi that i bought brand new for $24,500 OTD... there's no way in hell i'm spending more than an Si for this car... and my Si got great gas mileage to me given that i beat the hell out of that car...

I really should've went with my gut tho... I was gonna price it a bit lower on some of the higher trims but decided against it b/c everyone was comparing it to the UK conversion prices...
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