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So I posted on this site before the car came out. I loved the CRZ ever since it was the concept 4 or 5 years ago. But when the car came out, I wasn't happy with the US reviews, so I decided I wasn't a fan of the CRZ anymore and decided to look up other cars like the Veloster, and mroe recently the Chevy Cruze (the first american car I'm interested in)

But the new rumor just revived my interest. I love hybrids and sporty hondas, and the current CRZ was just short of perfection, and I felt they messed up something that was hard to mess up. The one imprefection I'm referring to is it almost seems like the battery pack weight offsets the electric utility.

With the 1.6 L Turbo rumor, I hope it can get way better performance and good mileage along with being light weight. And I definitely hope they fix 6th gear so it doesnt' rev so high on the highway!

PS I saw a CRZ on the highway this week (3rd one I've seen in persno) and it was gorgoeus. But I was like dammit pls fix the imperfections the next time and I'm sold :)
Gordio, have you gone and taken the CR-Z out on a fairly lengthy test drive or do, using the various drive modes (economoy/normal/sport)? I'm assuming you did based on your comment about "6th gear," but just wanted to be sure.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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