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Greetings to all users. First post here. And a long one to start. But I felt I had to share my views.

I have been following the CRZ since I spotted a «Honda to release a sporty hybrid» news a few months ago.

I have a, let's call it «spare», 2006 Civic that I drive about once a week and a family sedan that gets me around during the week.which is turning 8 years old this month. It's not a bad car and I have tried my best to keep it in good order even getting a new set of (expensive) tyres last year along with the usual replacements. But I have seen perfectly good old cars in much better hands than mine start to break horribly and turn into money sinks.

The Civic is my first Honda ever and 4 years later that car still feels very unique and fun. In fact all people I know still think the car is very cool. Then there are the tons of gadgets and the unbelievable room. I had never seen a car with so much space for passengers AND in the trunk. This car kills all competition. (The dashboard in particular seems to put a spell on people, including me)

With so many good things I considered the CRZ as the sole replacement for my everyday car. Obviously the looks of the CRZ and the Hybrid engine caught my attention.

Anyway, I got my name on my local dealer here in Portugal and received the usual marketing updates.

When the available specs were released I was bit let down. It seems the CRZ carries less gadget's than the Civic and costs more. Yes, I am aware that they are mostly gadgets that replace a simple hand move, but fog headlights are something that in here where I live are essential because when we get fog we get extra thick fog. I also think that for a car with no visibility behind Honda should have placed the parking sensors as a gesture of good will for it's owner's, the Civic does not have that much visibility either but the parking sensors make up for that.

Reviews on the web that I read seem to be warm. Everyone seems to like the overall package but from what I read this hybrid is not much more green than a diesel. Again, I know that the Internet is very good getting the bad message around. As for how much pollution you make its also related to how you drive, my regular car has about 7 days of full tank for my usual route (I drive around 80 KM per day using a normal route and a freeway), if I skip the freeway I get one more day of fuel.

Sometime ago I lost interest in the CRZ, felt like it was imcomplete. But I was next to a CRZ in the showroom last week and the car managed to get my attention again. The photos don't do this car justice (especially the white model). It looks much better «live». The interior seems like a major upgrade from the Civic (I read the gearbox is actually the same), tho there seems to be some plastic contraption sticking out from bellow the glove compartment. The «passenger seats» are a no problem for me since I usually don't get more than 1 passenger on my car. For larger groups I use the Civic.

I plan to get a test drive this weekend and I hope this will answer some of my doubts. I wish the dealer had sport version instead of the pricey GT.

I am very undecided about the CRZ, I had hoped that it would carry something similar to the Civic and add something more. But again, the Civic probably belongs to another «league», perhaps I should compare it to another car, but at this point the CRZ is so unique and it really would not be fair to compare it to my current car (tho it has fog headlights).

The irony is that I will most like end up getting the CRZ soon or later, I have not looked at any other possible replacements. The Civic left such a lasting impression that I will hardly look at other brands other than Honda at this point.
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