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I also came from about a year in a Mini S to the CR-Z and would agree with TCroly's assessment. While the Mini S is a better handling car when thrown into corners, you have to live with it's harshness for all of the time. A good portion of this is due to the stock run flats. It also has a much stiffer clutch pedal which can become tiresome in traffic jams. While the Mini has better window visibility, I found it's side mirrors to be useless in night traffic and in rain. The CR-Z doesn't have the Mini quirks (operation of the wipers/turn signals, switchgear) which while cute at first I found to be bad ergonomic joke later.

The Mini is a neat car. But I know a number of owners who have gone back to Honda hatches. It's just nice having a car that works and works properly.

My Mini S overall mpg has been 30.4 vs. 37.7 thus far for the CR-Z.
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