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Hello everyone,

New here, obviously. I'm currently driving an 03 MINI Cooper S I bought new. It's now at the point where I am doling out a ton of money for repairs, so I think it's time for a change. We have owned quite a few Hondas over the years (my wife drives an Acura TL...nice car) and I want to get back into the Honda fold.

I am extremely interested in the CRZ. I like to look. I like the hatch. I like the 6 speed manual. I like the hybrid.

I'm hoping people on this forum can give me your likes and dislikes of your particular CRZ. Is it more or less than you imagined? Zippy? Sluggish? How do you feel about owning a model in its first year?

Thanks in advance,
We have a "Driving Impressions" thread

and a "What don't you like" thread also..

check them out. Should answer your questions.

Me? I love mine! It isn't as fast as your Mini.. but the handling is very similar. It will scoot pretty good with the IMA assist. I would say Zippy! I normally would not buy a first year model... but this is Honda... and I trust them, based on years of experience!

Oh.. and Welcome to the Forum!
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